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Selling Local: Stories | Tips | Service

Mar 23, 2024

We had the pleasure of hosting a University of Central FL Professional Selling Program graduate, mom, sales warrior, cancer survivor, and all around incredible woman in Chelsea Hoffmann...

Hear the story of her intense struggles and an incredible lesson her father taught her through the power of unconditional love, time and what money provides.

This episode will challenge the way you think about your walk... It will push the boundaries of "conventional" in the way you look at sales and remind you that your authentic self is the single most important ingredient in your sales success.

Confidence, trust, loyalty, selflessness, just a few of the amazing topics you will hear in this episode that is surely going to level up your sales game just as well as your life game.

So Rebels, grab your most favorite snacks, a nice cold (or warm) beverage, kick back, relax and get ready to learn from another episode of Selling Local!