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Selling Local: Stories | Tips | Service

May 27, 2021

David Weiss needs no introduction, but as the Regional Vice President of Sales for Seismic, he has a huge impact on people.

David is a process-oriented mad genius that cares about people & wants to make an impact on each and every person he comes into contact with.

David discusses the importance of having a process that...

May 25, 2021

Joy Hewitt Carvajal is a mentor, coach, & guiding light for people in sales & the world.  Joy walks in a way that people open up to her in ways that don't happen to normal people.  She believes that bringing the light each & every day can shine a light on places that haven't seen light before.

Joy dives into her...

May 20, 2021

Patrick Joyce is a journeyman to the sales career.  From a garbage truck to an SDR to mentor & sales consultant.  Patrick takes us through the journey of what it took for him to become a sales consultant.

If you like to hear stories of the journey of a salesperson.  Dale explains in this episode what it takes to be a...

May 18, 2021

Denis Champagne has over 35 years of experience helping salespeople communicate more effectively leading to more conversions.  As a professional squash player, he knows how to use the proper mindset to show up to every call. 

Our Authenticity is our Credibility when communicating with other people.  Denis talks about...

May 11, 2021

Roger Brooks the founder & host of American Real TV & 2x best-selling author comes on the Selling Local & offers ways to connect with your buyer so they feel comfortable sharing their story.

Roger has interviewed Ed Mylett, Colin Cowherd, Grant Cardone, Jeffrey Gitomer, & many, many more.  Roger explains how...