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Selling Local: Stories | Tips | Service

Nov 2, 2021

Justin Welsh, the Founder of JW Strategic Advisory helps company's avoid expensive mistakes.   Justin has utilized his failures in a way to advise startup executives in a way that helps them scale.

Justin didn't allow his failure to be the reason that would hold him back from having success. He dives into his origin, early jobs, & what he learned from mentors.

He discusses that he would have never realized who he was without being fired from his early positions.  

Justin talks about how a mentor forced him to become more self aware helping him realize that he would need to be committed to building the future that he wanted instead of it being given to him because of his family, opportunity, or college degree.

Now Justin utilizes his experiences to help other executives & companies.

Check out this episode if you are determining your identity or wondering how to utilize your failures in a different way.