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Selling Local: Stories | Tips | Service

Jul 20, 2021

Jacob Gebrewold, AE at Klue & Co-Founder of Sales For The Culture comes on the Selling Local Podcast & brings tons of value.

Jacob discusses the importance of determining who you are & how to value others. He talks about being bullied, identity struggles, & finding who he wanted to be.

He discusses the importance of not feeling like you have to be a cookie-cutter salesperson. He explains the purpose of Sales For the Culture is to help black people determine "What does your blackness mean to you" & "How do you want your co-workers to act towards you when stuff goes wild" & "How do I go about communicating what I want & need".

Jacob is passionate about sales, black tech sellers helping other black tech sellers, & mentoring other salespeople.  He is excited for being an evangelist for the changes in our culture.

This episode is dripping with truth, raw emotions, & passion.