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Selling Local: Stories | Tips | Service

Jul 6, 2021

Jeff Underwood is the President & Founder of his own organization GolfNutts. (at the time of this recording he was a Regional Sales Director for Clearent)

Jeff talks about the importance of a culture that cares about the development of people. When leaders want to see people succeed as bad as they want the organization to succeed then you have found a culture that wants people to grow & thrive.

We dive into how each person within the organization has the ability to impact the culture regardless of title & rank.  The first step of becoming a culture champion is to put people first & not selfish ambition.

We all have the ability to affect the culture in each of our environments, but if you aren't willing to take the opportunities to impact people your ability doesn't matter.

When you dive into this one get ready to feel challenged to ask yourself if you are a culture champion.